Greetings from East Los Angeles

The Environment and Womens Health-A healthy environment may have many positive effects on your health, and while there are many threats underway in regards to our drinking water, air quality, and of course global warming, we can still take control of our health. Our environment includes of course the Earth’s atmosphere, our local cities and towns we live in and also our indoor environment.

I once worked in the incredibly important field of health and housing. I was shocked to learn about the substandard living conditions of many low-income families. Though there were many people I encountered that certainly needed a reminder about clutter and pests, the overwhelming issue that this population had very serious structural issues that needed attention and were clearly not the responsibility of the tenant. I.E plumbing issues, holes in walls, broken screens, chipping and peeling paint.

Despite your living situation, your indoor air quality can be improved in many ways. Ideally you have a relationship with your property manager or owner to communicates issues you have with your rental. Get familiar with your city’s rules and reg’s if you’re not sure who should cover the costs of your unit’s maintenance and upgrades.

Pesticides– We’ve all used this from time to time and we dont think much of it since it is sold in stores and are presumably safe, yes?

No! sorry to tell you, there are literally thousands of chemicals in our grocery that are legal for purchase even though we dont have a clue what the effects are of the majority of these toxins.

Remember  what I mentioned earlier about good communication with your property manager? Pesticide use can be cut down if major and minor repairs are taken care of in a timely manner. Before the leaky pipe starts contributing to mold that feed small animals or becomes a breeding ground for other wild life.

Fix those leaks, holes and make sure there are minimal places for bugs and other critters to hide. Addressing these issues can help you avoid the use of pesticides. Unnecessary exposure to pesticides have been linked to learning disabilities in children, asthma, allergies and long term use has been associated with certain cancers and even Parkinsons disease.

Plants– There’s all kinds of plants that have been identified as very helpful at cleaning your indoor air. One such plant is the spider plant. See how many you can find to create a great living space!

Artificially scented air sprays- Unfortunately the word “fragrance” is code for all kinds of wrong-for-you types of chemicals. If you can’t figure out what the heck you’re allergic to at home or even your office, this should be ruled out. You can find these fragrances in your personal products like shampoo and lotions, but also in air freshener’s, devices that plug in the wall, and lower quality candles. Instead try better quality Essential Oils in a clay oil warmer or a diffuser.

Take your shoes off at the door- Many asian families, or people who hate vacuuming are all ready doing this! You could do this too. It is believed to cut down heavy metals like lead from entering your home. This is a great thing to consider if you or your loved one has allergies or asthma .

Green Cleaning– All this means is you know what ingredients you’re dealing with when you clean. White Vinegar, borax, baking soda, mixed with water do a great job of cleaning your entire house. And no you dont need to use them all together. Anyone of those ingredients mixed with water do an incredible job. Bon Ami is a great scrubber and also non-toxic.

Reporting to you, literally 150 feet away from 5 major freeways in one of the most polluted zip codes in the nation…



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